HELP!!! Someone who is mechanically inclined, I need your help!

@Kaeli72 (1230)
United States
March 8, 2007 10:09am CST
A friend of mine came to me with a situation and I'd love to help, but all I can do with a car is put in gas and drive. Here's her situation: Someone tried to steal her car over the summer and the left side of the steering column had covers missing and that's when they found out. Af first, the key did not work right, but after some jiggyling about, she got it to work fine. Now, nine months later her ignition has fallen apart inside the steering column. It's a very important piece because it's the switch for the dimmers. She has the steering coloumn toren apart and she doesn't know where this "L" shaped rod goes. It looks like it works everything, but at this point in time, she doesn't know. She thinks i could be part of the dimmer piece. The car is a late model Cadillac 1990 and she has the computer chip in he key. She can start the car with the key and a screw driver, but who really wants to go through that hassel? Any and all help would really be appreciated! She's a single mum with 6 children so money isn't something she can throw around.
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@arvee17 (730)
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
tell your friend to go to a mechanic or an electrician for cars... of course i am not a mechanic but unless someone sees what is really wrong with that car, nobody can help your friend. explaining mechanical things on the internet is difficult even for a mechanic who is online and reading what you just wrote down. someone needs to see the car first before they can predict and eventually help out.