can you support ministry in africa?

March 8, 2007 11:02am CST
Africais a continent that has opportunities for preaching the gospel and winning souls for Christ just as any other continent. However, what makes Africa abit different is poverty, disease and ignorance/ illitracy. to preach the gospel here we also need to meet their immediate needs like food, shelter and clothing among others. that is when they can see God's love practically. Otherwise, How do you tell a hungry, sick and homeless person that God loves them yet you intend to live them in the same situation you found them in? Nevertheless, the church here isn't financially strong to support even gospel meetings without external support. The body of Christ in Africa needs support from willing Individuals from all round the Earth to support her. Can you support Ministry here in Africa, especially Uganda in East Africa? or do you know of someone else who can do that? Please let me know. e-mail me or call +256 752 997887 be blessed.
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