are tarot cards mystical or just fun?

March 8, 2007 12:33pm CST
I've been reading tarot cards for years. I do not think they have any mystical power. I tend to think it is the two people involved and how they interpret the cards. Sometimes they are so accurate that I still wonder. Other times they are so far off that it is funny. Are they mystical or just cards?
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@imsilver (1668)
• Canada
8 Mar 07
Alot of it has to do with the person reading the cards. But I think my cards are a tool. They don't predict the future necessarily.. they just help me to focus. They give me another way of looking at issues. The information is inside me. The cards are a way of drawing it out. Bringing things to the surface that I wouldn't normally think about. Pointing me, guiding me to a clearer way to deal with the issues I'm working through at the time. And it's not just the cards for me. I'm wicca and the cards are a part of entire ritual that I use to really get me centered and focused so that I can take the time to think and use the energy of nature and of life itself and listen for the help that is out there to make me see what direction to go in. It's not necessarily that the card readings were far off, maybe it was just that you weren't really ready to look at what they were saying.. you have to accept them and to understand that they can't be read just generally reading from the manual... you have to learn to use that as just a guide and look inside for what the card is telling you. I know I'm rambling but it's so hard to put into words what I'm trying to get across.. LOL..
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• Philippines
8 Mar 07
Good for you that you can interpret and read tarot cards and use it as a tool on your life. :) I don't know how to read tarots, but yes i do believe that there are other forces of nature that's out there and cannot be explained by science and technology.
@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
8 Mar 07
I think they can be both. A lot depends on who does the reading. That can be where it varies between just being fun and being mystical. Yes they can give a lot of insight with someone who knows how to read them and can tap into that ability within themselves. For others though it's just a game and something to have fun with.
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@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
8 Mar 07
I don't have a clear opinion about it, I never read tarot cards or had it read for me but some other forms of fortune telling has surprised me with some accurate results, I'm not a true believer about these things but I'm intrigued with mystical things, i like to read and learn about it and I do believe that there's too much in this world that goes beyond or logic and science..