Evidence that speaks for and against the existence of Bigfoot

Sasquatch - Photograph of a purported Sasquatch ?
United States
March 8, 2007 1:41pm CST
I want to hear all of the intelligent and the healthy feed back from people out there who want to speak either for or against the subject and the existence of Bigfoot. I am not sure what to beleive. The Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin footage has been so cleaned up over since what was October of 1967 in Bluff Creek Columbia. If that was infact a man who was in a costume. The final hoax effect was brilliant and convinving. Because either that man in that costume or that animal in it's own flesh and blood looked tall and convincing and the fur and the musculature. I know alot of people are hoaxsters and have damaged the credibility for the existence of Bigfoot. But not every sighting was from someone who may have been some fringe lunatic disconnected from reality. I acknowledge that people lie. But I must also be fair that one person is capable of being courages enough to objectively tell the truth of what they see before their own eyes as being an upright and bipedal walking animal with long and massive strides of it's arms and it's legs.
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