How can we make educational systems adapt to address the needs of tomorrow?

@mx_aman (2101)
March 8, 2007 3:23pm CST
How do we make it more inclusive, accessible & attract the right minds for the right disciplines? The educational system in any country is both a social and economic necessity. However it is also a system that is not easy to change. The impact of any changes takes a long time to realize. The current economic growth, both at local and global levels, has created a huge demand for resources with various skills and capabilities. But the question remains - are we doing enough, are we doing the right things?
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• Philippines
8 Mar 07
With regards how to make education more inclusive and accessible is for the state ensure that its citizens can afford to send their children to a decent school by keeping the schools tuition fee at affordable levels and by offering scholarship to the gifted. Attracting the right mind to the right dicipline would be entirely a different story. Society at large would be a major factor if a perosn would choose the right course for him. An example of this, here in the Philippines I know some people who would have been good in other dicipline but because of the draw of nursing as the profession of choice here, they took it. I have nothing against nursing its just people should choose the career where they are naturally good at not what the people around you dictates. So far, I believe that we are not giving education enough attention. I believe that it is high time to modernize the educational system and widely available information technologies, not only restricted to computers, should be use to augement this system.
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@kurtbiewald (2628)
• United States
8 Mar 07
make it free or have it pay the students, more for the ones who learn the most make it more fun make it more inclusive I like a model in which the students can work self paced, sometimes with a prof. , overseeing lab experiements for example, or for guidance. Then lectures the student can understand, then more self paced learning. Why not have that from learning to read and basic addition through the post doc level?
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