how to cut expenses?

@sam456 (519)
March 8, 2007 6:40pm CST
do you have any idea on how to cut expenses effectively? i was just thinking.. to stop eating.. :)
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@raykaz (27)
• United States
9 Mar 07
well you are actually right. I f you want to cut the amount of money you spend, make sure to stay away from restaurants or any prepared food. Make your own and deal with your bad cooking skills. Also, one of the best steps to take is to stop buying things unless you can take a breath and decide that you really need it. My parents were and still are very smart with their money and they did it by saying no to trivial things and by buying smart even if they are only saving pennies at a time. One thing that I think would really help you is to start keeping a log of all the money you spend. On ANYTHING. Be it a quarter for a gumball... or some change you lend a friend. Write down EVERYTHING. Just in a couple of days you will notice just how much it all adds up to. What people don't notice is when they are between two things and they choose the more expensive one just because it looks better, that money adds up. I am amazed at how my mom could always march into a store with her bagful of coupons and make the right choices so that when she left she would have even more groceries than the person that spent twice as much. My mother is a doctor and my father a successful engineer. But they never let the belief that they were "well off" keep them from saving money. You know what they say... a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Good Luck!
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