Have you ever come close to abusing your child?

United States
March 8, 2007 7:02pm CST
I know a lot of people think that those who abuse children are evil, mean people. The truth is there are some people who seek out children to hurt, and there are some people who are truly mean-spirited or careless towards children and should never have had kids. But many times child abuse happens when a very stressed out and upset parent just loses control for a moment. Have you ever come close to feeling like this? (even if you think you would never really hurt your child!) You can read more about this, including advice from Childhelp USA, and take a poll on the issue, at http://www.blogcharm.com/63600.
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@dawgmart (74)
• Philippines
9 Mar 07
ive gotten really mad at my son, several times, actually, but as soon as i raise my voice he gives me a look thats so helpless that i know i could never hurt him. my wife has less patience though, and does spank/pinch him from time to time. but i know she loves him as well. i guess it depends on the personality, or perhaps the upbringing, coz my dad was in the army and was really keen on using physical punishment to keep us in line, so thats part of the reason why i wouldnt do it to my son. hope this helps!