What should I do if I love a girl and she love me too,but her mom don't agree

March 8, 2007 7:09pm CST
I love her,and she love me too,Just show me some suggestion.
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@f3rcho (258)
• Argentina
9 Mar 07
What does her mother have to do in your relation? I mean, if you're both really in love, nothing should stop you. My Grandpa, came from Siria. When he arrived to Argentina, he fell in love with my Grandma. The problem was that my Grandma was from spain. My grandpa's family opposed to their marriage and threatened to kick him out of the family. Guess what he did... You guessed right... ;ยท)
• China
9 Mar 07
because I am poor
@manlynux (271)
• Romania
7 Jun 07
you can take her and runaway from home, but this is not such a good idea, try to convince your mom that you love her, that you know that she is your the girl that have been waiting her, anyway... nobody has the right to get between two people , nobody except God, so... i would love her and i would not listen to my mother unless she gives me a good reason to listen to her !
• China
8 Jun 07
@lewisfan (12)
• China
7 Jun 07
ya~~ I think that you will ask your girlfriend who has what her suggest.why did you affaid her mom? you could talk about with her mom.
• China
11 Mar 07
I think it's up to your girl friend.If she really love you, she will find the way to persuide her mother. If she does't love you enough, she will find the reason to refuse you.
@mschiqui (1284)
• Philippines
9 Mar 07
LOVE can move mountain..If you are just really very sincere and will show to her mother that you have a good intentions for her daughter, and you will not surrender your love, I guess you will conquer and will win her mother's approval too...Just be patient show som erespect and be polite in everything you do, and perhaps be honest and simply be you!God bLess!