anyone else agree?

United States
March 8, 2007 7:36pm CST
So yet another uninteresting blog about nothing! NO i lied COME BACK. Im watching "Prozac Nation" and to be honest its a great movie...who couldnt love the absolutelyomghot Christina Ricci??? honestly you guys know shes sexy. and BI. (im taken, i swear, so its not like im worshiping people because i have no love life, and btw its a GUY. may be bi but i love me some Steven. ) ive seen her in a TON of movies, her and natalie portman are the only two female actresses that just drop my jaw. agree? disagree? add a chick to this list so i can check into her? by the way im not shallow, i think Christina Ricci's had some nice roles, a few with Johnny Depp even. and who can forget Natalie in V for Vendetta? AMAZING movie. so ill go now, but i mean it, I WANT MORE PEOPLE added to that little list. go now, be fruitful.....and listmesomeactresses. (next post will be more personal I swear, maybe some details about me for once!)
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