Standing tall

United States
March 8, 2007 8:22pm CST
I find that I like to be at home.... sometimes.... and I do not see what is wrong with that. I'm 22 years old (my birthday was two weeks ago) and I don't always like to hang out with friends or go to the club. My boyfriend and I live together and I look forward to picking him up at night, coming home, picking out a movie, and falling asleep before it is anywhere near being over. I do not see the problem in this, do you ? My friend is having "relations" with my boyfriends cousin and the other night after I picked him up I went by her house to drop off her sandwich from subway that she just had to leave in my possession and she said that my boyfriends cousin said he was coming over to our place and he asked if she was going to come. Now, granted his cousin is a year and some change older than him and she is a few months older than me, we're a lot more, shall I say, level headed than they are. Myself especially. The first thing out my mouth was "no, not happening, not tonight." Every ONCE in a blue moon that hanging out at our place is cool, but for the most part, I rather it just be him and I. To make my point more clear, the other night she called me three times, left a voicemail, and sent me a text message. I didn't know at first because my phone was in my purse which was in the closet. When I realized she had called.... the many times that she did, I called her back. She was telling me how this guy had called her, someone who really hurt her feelings a few weeks ago, who I was just waiting to come crawling back. After about 15 minutes, okay mabye 10... possibly 5.... I told her I had to go. It was midnight. I, unlike other people, not only need my 8 hours sleep, but i WANT my 8 hours. She didn't want to let me off the phone. Shes unemployed, and after just getting her bachelors in December, is back living with her parents. I on the other hand working a temporary job at the corporate office my mother is a manager at so I can penny pinch and pay my bills until I find a permanent job. I told her that the subject wasn't going anywhere and that I needed to get to sleep. Am I a bad friend just because my priorities have changed ? I like my hunny bunny time with my man, cleaning my apartment, reading oprah, getting lost in real simple (they have all kinds of neat ideas), writing in my 17th diary, and getting the rest I need for the next day. I'm starting to think I'm not a people person. It may just be the simple fact that I don't know any people like me.
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• Philippines
9 Mar 07
I wonder what is this all about. I mean what is the question to answer directly from you. Maybe your story is good and nice.
• United States
9 Mar 07
I suppose I wanted to know if anyone felt I was a bad friend or if my priorities are out of whack or if i'm just totally off the wall because I'm a boring 22 year-old.