Are you ready to join 300????

March 8, 2007 9:34pm CST
hi. today is special for Hollywood lover... yes.... much excited film "300" releasing today.... are u ready to join 300?? if u join u will be lead by King Leonidas (Gerard Bulter) to Xerxes and his massive Persian army. watch and post your reviews.....
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• India
4 Sep 08
YES, I AM READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!300 is an absolutely terrific movie. the attitude, the valour the spartans display send a chill down my spine. so much to keep their honour. they challenged and even demured a person who projected himself as god. i think they were bogged down by the wrong priests who just had no respect for these warriors. my personal favorite line in the movie when the king says : SPARTANS NEVER RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!. the greatest sequence when the king as a young lad fights the beast and also , when he kicks the intruder into the well..
@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
9 Mar 07
SOLID! I loved it... Best movie fight sequences I've ever seen. Better than Matrix,.. much better than Troy. Too much violence though..., what the heck, It was tastefully and artfully done. This is how movies should be done.
@funkysid (56)
• India
9 Mar 07
i saw the adds they r great it is not released in india but i will be watching it soon
• Canada
9 Mar 07
I can not wait to see this movie. It look amazing. Finally there is something worth going to the movies to see. 300 thumbs up on this one.
@lpipe0240 (1161)
• United States
9 Mar 07
Already bought the ticket to go see it tommarow. A bunch of guys from church are geting togehter to see it. From the previews it looks like it should be good.