March 8, 2007 10:11pm CST
so in regards to my post in other forum about "Because i'm Vegan" thread, i believe i may be depressed. a few years ago i went through a sort of depression, but it wasn't anything like this. i cried today. about seven times. it just comes on and i can't stop it. i start thinking bad thoughts and then it happens. i haven;t been able to get out of bed at a decent time for the past two months. everything makes me sad, even when fun happy things happen. i know what it is. i think. i think it stems from working two jobs, and being emotionally and pysically overloaded at one of them. the other one i would really like to quit, but i can't because i really need the money. there are all sorts of problem at my full-time job that are causing me to crack. our animals keep dying, and it's starting to wear on everyone. that whole thing i went thought with the dog i found tore me apart. having thoughts on adopting out some of my cats drained me. i've changed my mine, on that, by the way. about 10 tims now. my car is about ready to die on me. do you ever feel like you're all alone? anyway, how do you know you're depression?what can you do about it?there may be a thread on this already, but i couldn't find anything directly answering this question. thanks for all the hugs in the other thread. if anything helps me at all during these times, it's coming home to my cats. which is why they are here to stay.
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