The richer you get the less religious you become....

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@bindishah (2062)
March 8, 2007 10:44pm CST
I have seen in my country (Indian) that the richer one gets in life the less religious they become. When i look at the people who throng the temples/churches, I see only the middle class people there. Could that be because they are constantly praying to God for a better life? And that the rich have already got their prayers answered and dont need to visit God's place anymore? Your comments on this are greatly appreciated.
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@Neriz69 (1042)
• Philippines
19 Sep 07
Mostly that is the case, when you do not need anything, when we are not in pain, we don't go to God. We only go to Him when all else fail. Sad to say I'm speaking from my own experience.
• Singapore
9 Mar 07
Might it be that they don't attend at these "public" mosques? I am not entirely sure about your religion.. but might not the worship be carried out at a more private place where they would be better protected by bodyguards too?
• India
9 Mar 07
Hey Bindi..even I am an Indian dear..But i would slightly differ from your opinion here..Firstly prayer is not just to be rich, secondly for me prayer is a way to reach GOD..and going to temples/churches just depends on one's beliefs..Lastly as humans I think as far as possible we should try and not to label or tag anyone..I think whether you go to temples or know, independant of it.. PRAYERS ARE ALWAYS HEARD & even yours will be heard.. Love & Light