@shekharj (296)
March 8, 2007 11:30pm CST
are u homesick? i'm. even if i have been staying in delhi for the last 5 years, i still feel like going home ( assam ), i.e. everyday.
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@GuateMom (1411)
• Canada
9 Mar 07
I was homesick after I left my home country of Canada, but it only lasted about a year. Now, I still want to go back when things are going badly here. When we have no running water or I have a fight with my husband, I just want to go back! I think it helps to focus on the good things around you. What do you like about delhi? What about it is better than assam? Why did you come here in the first place, was it for a good reason? If so, try to remember that. Also, if you can stay in touch with family back home, it really helps.
@shekharj (296)
• India
9 Mar 07
thanks for the coment! i came to delhi for pursuing my masters in linguistics. i completed the course in 2004 and since then working in the private sector. in delhi, have got everything-right from friends to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. but to tell u the truth, i'm not happy at all. afterall my hometown ( guwahati, assam ) is far better than delhi. it may notbe that advanced like delhi, but all of y family members sty there. sometimes i feel like a gypsy here. i desperately want to go back to my place and do something for my parents. i know they will feel happy if i return. i 'm brooding over that these days.
@missmas (60)
9 Mar 07
i've been staying away from home for 3 years now.i am pretty much settled now,but yes sometimes i misshome.i mostly misswhat i did with the people i love back then.i miss the fact that i had many friends,i wasn't lonely,my mom was there and didn't have the problems forgners face when they live abroad, especially in Europe.But it's not all bad.i'm also living my dream.i'm free, independent, i live with a guy i love and sometimes i don't this to stop either.
• Philippines
9 Mar 07
nope i'm not, i'm at home with my family right now but i already experience that feeling for the past 3yrs. leaving far away for 6mos. and i hate that to remember coz that was my first to be apart from my family for work. My advise is just think positve and always ask for God's guidance..