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March 9, 2007 1:13am CST
I've been wanting to stop smoking this past few weeks. Unfortunately, I'm not successful in any way that I've tried. I started smoking when I was 17. The first puffed wasnt good but the second one made me crave for more. before I knew it, Im addicted. I managed to stop for a few months but the smoking came back because something I never imagined or expected to happen happened to me. I lost someone who is very close to me. So, my only refuged was a pack of marlboro lights. If I'm happy with my smoking then you might wonder, why the hell do I want to stop? Because I realized that I dont want my future child to be smoking too. It's not good for the health and also the most important, it's not a good excused to escape to whatever it is that you want to escape. I want my child to face evry challenges that will come her way without relying to something that is unhealthy. So, from now on, i'll TRY to stop smoking. Bring it On!!!!!
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@graham31 (487)
10 Mar 07
tried smoking when i was younger cigs and the illegal stuff,but you know why i tried it"Cause all my freinds where doing it"I never liked it but carried on with it for a while.It made me feel sick light headed and it left a bad taste in my mouth.Eventually i found my own mind and said enough is enough and stopped.I wasn't addicated to it i never liked it. So with a bit of will power and thinking of your little girls health i'm sure you can stop.You did it before you can do it again
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
9 Mar 07
The best way to quit is to have a plan. Get you some straws to chew on and hold, this will help with the motion thing with your hands. I would also get gum and candies to chew on for now. Tootsie Pops work pretty good if you can get your hands on those. A support person is good when you feel the urge someone who can reaffirm that quitting is the best thing. Try not to do the things that you associate smoking with, such as talking on the phone, being on the computer anything that you notice that you do more when your smoking for at least the first few days. If your government offers any free programs I would sign up for them. Some hospitals, insurance and clinics also offer support. I wish you much luck in this very difficult task at hand! :)