Rheumatic Heart Diseases

March 9, 2007 2:13am CST
I Had this friend since college whom stop studying when they found out that he got this RHEUMATIC HEART DISEASE. Though he want to pursue his study, but his health render him from doing so. There were times he was attacked during exam. His parents wants him for an operation, but they couldn't afford for the operation worth 1 million pesos. There were times he almost die whenever he was attacked of his illment. He's elder sister find a sponsor for the operation expenses for his brother. and yet,God is so kind. One day, somebody answer his call. and so, the operation begin. We all thought that the trials is over after the operation.. We all knew from his elder sister that the PCSO would'nt shoulder the hospital bills worth P 550,000.00. And we don't know why. And currently, his sister texted us that the doctor said, they found a bacteria from his heart and could affect some part of his heart. I want to help them, but HOW??? I'm just neophyte employee, with an average rate of salary... pls help what to do!
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