Are you ready to make money?

United States
March 9, 2007 3:53am CST
Are you ready to make money? Of course you are, or you wouldn't have even opened this discussion, right? LOL I see a lot of discussions about money. Most of them involve how you can make some extra money without having to spend anything to do it. Many are skeptical that such free opportunities exist after hearing about so many scam sites. Well I can tell you that it can be done, because I'm doing it myself every day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not getting rich with the programs I do, but I have managed to find quite a few sites that let me earn a little extra change for various activities. Depending on how active I am, the change starts to add up over time, just as you see your mylot earnings go up each day that you actively participate. I invite you to check my profile for some of the sites that have actually paid me if you'd like to see who I'm currently recommending. I have a list of sites showing who has paid me in my profile link and will continue to work on updating the pages with any location restrictions for my international friends. A big part of earning this extra money, at no cost, is referral earnings. By getting others to signup under you, most sites will give you a percentage of what your downline earns. If you can get active referrals, it can make a big difference on how much you can earn. That's not always easy for someone just getting started. Believe me, I know, it's taken me a few years, doing this part time, to build up my earnings in some programs. As you look thru the pages in my link, you will find a lot of free traffic resources that you can use to help you get some referrals. I set up one specifically for free traffic exchanges that will actually pay you too. Check out the link "Treasure Hunting for Free" if you would like to have a little fun, find a little treasure, make a little cash and advertise for free. I can honestly say that I've been paid over $100 from just these free sites alone, not to mention the referrals I get for the sites I'm promoting! So, if you're ready to make some of that free money, check out my site. See if theres anything there to interest you. Let me know if you found anything you want to know more about & I'll gladly discuss it with you. And last, but not least, let me know which one you decided to join! LOL @---- Have a Great Day & Thanks for stopping by! ----
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@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
21 Jul 12
I think every one is eagerly waiting and searching for ways to make money online. So I must visit your profile to find something new.
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• Philippines
5 Sep 07
In fact, I am doing something online from which I earn but here is my caution for everyone: There are many scams around so be very careful when choosing your gigs online. I suggest you go to to be able to find a freelance job which is suitable for you. There are many categories there and you may choose for yourself what you want to see. If you have a friendster account, you may simply create an OLX log on. I get my freelance jobs from this two sites. Good luck.
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• India
2 Aug 12
I have no friendster account, but after the launch of facebook, would it be wise to open any account there? Would you kindly explain what you mean by your advice of 'create an OLX log on'?
• China
6 Sep 07
Thank you very much.I'll go and have a look.
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• United States
19 Oct 12
yes i am ready 2 try some good ptp sites can u help me find some good ones, I to live in usa--kentucky. tell me if need 2 do something different 2 get people there. Thank you