how can i tell if the guy like me.

March 9, 2007 4:09am CST
I met someone, he is not that close to me but there is some gesture i notice that i think he likes me. That's what i think but i never had an assurance, because he always look my way, and he made time to talk to me even if it is nonesense. And when he talk to me sometimes, he's getting my personal information. I am really confuse. Can you please help,how can a girl know if a guy like her. HElp!
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• Singapore
10 Mar 07
One important thing to check if he goes out of the way for other people as well. After all, he may be that "unfortunate" case of Mr Nice Guy who is nice to everyone. If you have ascertained that he really likes you and you like him too, go ahead and take the first step. He may be too shy to ask you on a date - go ahead and ask if he wants to catch a movie with you instead. Then you can perhaps gauge further if he is interested in you as a girlfriend or a platonic good friend. Hope this helps. ;-)
@mschiqui (1284)
• Philippines
10 Mar 07
Why do you wanted to know that he likes you?it is because you like him too?heheh..well anyways just wait that guy will court you and when that time comes, thats for sure he really likes you.. But in the meantime just be attentive to his actions and dont be carried away, for you still really dont know, maybe someone is asking that guy to ask your personal datas..You dont know if maybe some other guy had a like on you.. So, just wait for the time when the guy will be courting you and thats the time to conclude taht he really likes you.. Let the guy do the moves..