sad story, but how cool is this? Please read..............

@Rosy001 (363)
South Africa
March 9, 2007 5:32am CST
A little girl went missing 2 weeks ago. your pretty, blonde, blue-eyed girl. She was seven. A huge search took place which included the police, local security guys, neighbours and nearby communities. All with the purpose and belief that this lil girl would be found alive. They found the suspect halfway through the search who unfortunately told them where he hid her. If not for the heavy rains, her slowly starting decomposed body would not have been dislodged from the drain pipes. The 7yr old blonde, blue-eyed girl was dead....................... It is the week of the his 1st court appearance and nationally, ppl have come out in support of what has happened, ppl have come out in anger, to mourn for whatever reason, today has been claimed by the citizens of this country as 'national pink day'. the little girl was clad in pink when she went missing. how cool is it that at the offices where i work, it was not a collective decision but an individuals choice to come to work in pink. Believe me, we came out in full force. Isn't it amazing when ppl stand together for a good cause, for what they believe in? isn't it sad that it takes an incident like this to have us make ourselves heard. do your communities stand together? have you had a similar instance happen nearby or to someone close to you?
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@ironstruck (2299)
• Canada
9 Mar 07
You are right. It is a shame that it takes special events to stimulate people to act. But it does go to show that deep down most people have a caring side that is kept hidden from the rest of the world. It is just that at times things happen in this world that a person has to find a way to deal with how they feel about it. In this situation, 'having a pink day' was perfect.
@Rosy001 (363)
• South Africa
9 Mar 07
I guess it was a gr8 idea. Just makes one so angry matter where in the world, our children are just not safe!!! This kinda is an ongoing thing where children just disappear, and it's not always in the same town. they are just random disappearances. i think just seeing this beautiful lil girl and hoping that it never happens to your own kids one day, really freaks one out. one just wants to cry when you read such sad stories. thanks for your response!