Are you Mama's boy/girl or Papa's boy/girl?

March 9, 2007 5:33am CST
Are you close with your Mom or with your Dad? Are you a Mama's boy/girl? or a Papa's boy/girl? About me, i could say that im very close with my Dad and Mom indeed! We're just like a group of friends who's been together everyday.. We also hanging out together with my brothers and sister... We go Malling, go to restaurants and sometimes watching movies in theater... My Dad And Mom are so cool... they are so friendly.. They are not strict with us, but they dont forget to tell us so many things bout the bad habits and how to prevent it! They always tells us that they trust us.. We are so proud with my parents and they are the same with me and with my brothers and sister! We're happy that they are our parents.. I love you dad and mom!
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