Has any one Visited this Heavenly Place called Chandertaal Lake..?

ChanderTaal Lake, India - This lake is in India at a height of 14000ft.
March 9, 2007 6:40am CST
This is one beautiful place to be in Himalayas and I wonder how many people will like to visit this place and how many have been to this place or how many even have heard about this. Chandertaal lake - as spelled means "Moon Lake" in Hindi language. To reach this place you have to traverse through the unmettalled roads where there is no human and access of human life in this place is limited. This stays open only in peak summer season. You can reach here through your own Motorcycle like I did or else you can hire a Jeep or a 4X4 vehicle to take you there. Lets see what all you feel like for this place and lets see how many find it interesting.
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