Did you hear that a movie is been made on "Angels n Demons"?

March 9, 2007 7:04am CST
A movie is been made on Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons". I read the book recently and I was bowled over by the story and i thought that someone should make a movie on this story. And the very next day, I read on a website that a movie is being made, again by Ron Howard and it is going to be released in December 2008. The cast is not yet decided but it is still on floors. I am waiting deperately for this movie to finish quickly and get released.
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@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
9 Mar 07
I'd heard they were making the movie on it and that they were talking with Tom Hanks to reprise the role. I hope he does take it since he was so perfect for the role in The Da Vinci Code. I read the book recently and really enjoyed it. I thought it was very well done. I was glad to hear that a movie was being made of it. I am hoping to read more of Dan Brown's books in the future. I like his style judging from the first two I've read.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
9 Nov 10
I like the book most, as it makes me to imagine the fictions and that gives more thrill and likings while reading with expectations and suspense.
@ayesha25 (91)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
cant wait for the movie to be released! when i was reading the book, i can say that its really a movie material! im glad they had decided to make a movie out of the story.. ill be watching it out!
• Canada
21 Mar 07
Well they would have to get Hanks again I guess. He was pretty good in Da vinci code. I definetly enjoyed this book better than Da Vinci Code. I would love to see this made into a movie, but december 2008 is a long time to wait.
@lafavorito (2966)
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
How true is this? OMG! I'm excited to see this movie, I loved the novel and I hope they can incorporate the novel without changing anything into a movie.
@tamihan (113)
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
Just heard it here... I will watch the movie. I'd enjoyed reading the book...Ü
@dyupe_moe (225)
• Philippines
12 Mar 07
Really? That's going to be great! I think this would spur much controversey again with the Vatican. Not only will they have to deal with a holy man's conspiracy, but with the tragic murders of perferetti's. But this would really make a great movie and I hope Tom Hanks would still play the role for consistency.
• India
11 Mar 07
ya well your heard it right. there really is a movie being made on angels and demons and its in the scripting stage .. Akiva Goldsman is writing it (same person who wrote for the da vinci code) i would like to see it too. the story really is rokking. just hope IT doesnt get universal opposition from the churches!
@ginagee (843)
9 Mar 07
Yeh, I read the book and just loved it. I haven't read the DaVinci code because there was too much hype about it and that always puts me off a book or a film, I like to make up my own mind! But with Angels & Demons I was also fascinated by the writing and the way it looks the same upside down, I thought that was so clever. The book is full of interesting things, and a great plot and yes, I agree it would make a brilliant film - hopefully!!
@arnboy (357)
• India
9 Mar 07
I liked Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons". I found it better, than Da Vinci Code, which gained fame by raking up a controversy. I was amazed by the power's of "Antimatter", truly i found it shocking. I checked out with CERN website, however, i could not find user friendly information about antimatter. However, i was shocked by the revelation, about the negative character in the novel. I never expected that holy man to commit such an evil act. Also, the technique used to breach the laboratory security was horrible, to break the eyeball recognition technology, they killed a person and used his eyeball. I found that extremely gruesome. Otherwise, the novel was a good read and worth the money spent. I am not really looking forward to the movie, because i prefer to read book's, and i feel movies usually, edit certain crucial parts and ruin the fun and spirit of the real novel.