Civil or Church wedding??

March 9, 2007 10:26am CST
Many people nowadays opt for only a civil wedding. They say its because a church wedding will cost them so much more expenses than a civil wedding. They say they are just being practical. For me, i still opt for a church wedding. I believe in the sanctity of marriage being blessed by the Church. I believe that church weddings need not be very expensive. All that a couple need is themselves really not only physically but emotionally and spiritually ready to commit into marriage. I believe its just the people or the couple themselves who make the church wedding an expensive one. Expensive church weddings are okay as long as the couple can afford it, which means that they will not sort into loans in order to spend for the wedding. But on top of that, church weddings can also be practical, simple and less expensive. I believe that what is important is that the couple are blessed by the Church and the couple recognizes the sanctity of taking their vows in front of God, that's all.
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• Australia
9 Mar 07
A Church wedding is not necessarily more expensive than a civil wedding. It is not the PLACE of the wedding that costs, but all the trapments: the dresses, the decor etc. Many people opt for a civil ceremony for various reasons. Many prefer to get married in a garden, beach, favourite spot, home setting or other and it is their right. Many people have never attended Church and/or do not recognise God or give Him any place in their lives. For them it would be hypocritical to marry in a Church. Many people have a religious background and upbringing and feel they "should" marry in a Church or "be blessed" whatever that means, by marrying in a Church. Once again, if they are not presently acknowledging God in their lives or prepared to make vows to Him, they are being hypocritical or just superstitious to marry in a Church. I am a Christian whose relationship with Christ is of utmost importance in my life, but I respect people who opt to marry elsewhere than in a Church for the above or other reasons. Probably they are being more honest than a lot of people who marry in a Church. It is a personal decision for the couple to make.
@Jenette (37)
• India
9 Mar 07
I totally agree with you that no way a wedding can be better if it is not blessed and not performed with the vows. The vows taken in presence of God and his people is most important. Expenses can be cut off and avoided if you can't afford it.
• United States
9 Mar 07
If a couple cannot afford to have a big church wedding, they can have a civil ceremony and a reception at their home. Maybe later on, when they can swing it, they could reward themselves with a small church wedding to renew their vows, maybe as an anniversary gift to each other.