summer escapade!!

sunset  - that's me watching the sunset!!!

taken last feb 25 '07 at Puerto Galera
March 9, 2007 10:34am CST
The long awaited summer has finally come. We just had our summer outing last feb 25 with my officemate and my hubby and boy, did i enjoy every bit of it. We went to Puerto Galera and stayed there overnight. I just cant get enough of soon as we arrived at the beach i was so frantic to get into the water already, i even got my swim wear underneath my clothes!!!when we found our rooms, we ate lunch and after 5mins of rest i pulled my husband to change into his board shorts and we went out to the beach and got into the water.I was almost ready to make a run for it because of excitement....hahahaha and almost until the sun down we were in the water. One best thing was the sunset, it was really a relaxing view and of course being away from work is another. Lying on the sand with my husband while we watch the sun goes down was the prefect moment for me. I felt we were the only one in that place and i feel so much more inlove with him.That's when i proved that we really need to spend time with each other alone, no kids, no relatives...just the two of us! how about you? what do you want to do or have done this summer??
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