Political Ads..everywhere!!!

political ads!!! - I've seen a lot of political ads on TV and it makes me sick. I don't think somebody from these Senatorial Candidates deserves a vote. What do you think? :)
March 9, 2007 11:15am CST
Senatorial Election in our country is already fast approaching. And seeing a lot of olitical ads on TV already. It's like a form of commercial ads. Others say these candidates are being sponsored by their followers and those people who believed in them. But do you think it is so? DOn't you think the one who sponsors the ads are the candidates themselves? Why hide if it's truly them? And I see on some street walls with their posts too. And until now, I still don't know who are the best candidates for this election. If I still can't be able to choose who among them, maybe I'll just play with the ballots. I'll put a smile face on it. lol. Just kidding. :) So what are your views on the political ads? It just makes me sick and tired. I know nobody from them who's gonna make this country better. I love our country but sometimes, it has to do with the officials and the government. DO you also have political ads on TY everytime there are elections?
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