Why do you listen to or why do you like Japanese rock?

March 9, 2007 12:25pm CST
This discussion is for people who listen to Japanese rock or "Jrock" (Japanese pop may have its separate discussion). If you don't like Jrock or the mere idea of it, this is not the place for you. Being an anime fan way back, I've already liked anime soundtracks. These led me to knowing more songs, and more bands/artists. But what really caught my attention is Jrock. I've been a rock fan before (whether be American or local) but Jrock gives me a new perspective to "rock music." In my opinion, Jrock has a really great variety (hence the different "types" of Jrock). There are so many bands with wonderful talents--you have to hear them! From vocalist, to guitarist, to bassist, to keyboardist, to drummer--they rock! One other reason I have is, I can listen to the music to my heart's content, but not be bothered with the lyrics (since I know only little Japanese). Some fans like Jrock because of the appearance or costumes of bandmembers. How about you guys? Why do you listen to Jrock?
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@lizeri (533)
• Philippines
15 Apr 07
I choose the music that I like to listen to. And I listen to this kind of music because of it's arrangement of notes and the harmonious combination and lastly the message of the song. I also like their MTV for they really apply the art not only through music but as well as on how they interpret their song.
• Philippines
15 Apr 07
Hi! I really like your response ^^ It looks like you digged deeper and analyzed Japanese rock piece by piece ^^ Thank you for replying ^^
@aznj50 (84)
• United States
19 Mar 07
jrock is very westernize and its fun to listen to. Its pretty good language.
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
Thanks for your response ^^ Though I disagree with you that jrock is very westernized.
• United States
5 Aug 09
I love listening to all cultural music and Jrock is one of my favorites. Jrock singers put a lot of emotions in their lyrics and voice; it's hard not to fall in deep with Jrock. It's either you like it or you don't.
• Japan
28 Apr 07
I like jrock, especially jrock indies, because it has unique characters. Jrocker usually used great constume and make up and moreover there're crossdresser too. The lyrics also great, coz sometimes they play the word between japanese word and Engrish.
• Philippines
23 Apr 07
just like any typical anime fan. fist it was the anime who has the big influence, and then gradually will look for other songs of that certain jpop or jrock artist. as it goes later on i got hooked up with jrock, because it has this really good and cool music. it does feel good, the rythm or the beat, the mix of sounds and instruments and the vocals. jrock has many variety and everyone has their unique styles which got me. not to mention those looks, the gothic, crossed dress and heavy make ups of the artists. ofcourse its what most of the fans got tied up to. but for me it will be first their music, then the vocals, and that general appearance would be the last though not ignored. and i can say that i have a huge passion for jrock music because i love jrock.