Star rating Concerns

@wenfri (1188)
March 9, 2007 3:22pm CST
Ok I know the star rating is not really important but.... I am curious as to why it would drop Yes I was absent for a few days Came back it was down to a 5 rating. That wasn't a problem Actually understandable since I was away Posted my poor little heart out yesterday Wore my poor pinkies right out I did LOL Today I am down to a 4. Go figure Work harder get less LOL OH welll as Long as the star rating doesn't mean anything I am OK right Please say I am right LOL Wendy
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@SageMother (2277)
• United States
9 Mar 07
When the stars first popped up mine was in the 90's. Now it is in the 70's. The people who run the site say it is based on the ratings of other users only, so your being absent shouldn't have made a difference. I have no clue what is going on with the stars and see little value in paying much attention to them anymore. Doing so might affect my ability to really say what I feel I need to at any given time, and that defeats the purpose of the site...making money while sharing your opinion.
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@all4ucnc (861)
• United States
9 Mar 07
I'm not sure if the star is rated on the number of posts, number of responses, or how many you make mad and give you a negative mark. I just try to post one question a day, and answer about five. and my star has stayed at a 10....But then I also know I have made more than a few people upset with me. So I don't know, I'm a little more than confused myself...Wonder if it has to do with the number of responses your questions get also.