Frizzle Chicken - Our Frizzle Feathered Silkie/Cochin cross, Rigoletto. Always fun to watch his antics. He was still a youngster in this photo.
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March 9, 2007 4:13pm CST
Frizzles are so comical, we have decided to name ours after clowns. Below in the picture you can see one of our frizzles, his name is Rigoletto. Rigoletto is a silkie crossed with a frizzled cochin. He has great "chickenality"We had a frazzle once that was so ugly! a frazzle happens when you cross two frizzled feather chickens together - his name was Rizzo.
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27 Oct 08
thats a really nice picture, and AWWWW HES SO CUTEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! -fangirl squeel- all chickens are beautiful to me, and your chickens are even lovelier. ;)
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12 Nov 08
awww thanks for answering this post. I am glad it finally got off of my unresolved list - as I am going to give you best response :)