an invasion of privacy

March 9, 2007 5:00pm CST
Has Digital Rights Management gone to far? Should media players be able to 'phone home' with data collected? Should companies such as sony be able to personalise advertising because they have discovered you like a particular genre or is this a plain invasion of privacy? Not only this but there is evidence to suggest that software such as Sony's media player will in the future be able to check to see whether you have a licence for the music that you are playing. There is a lot of evidence already that shows that in some of Sony's DRM software implemented on such sites as, rootkits were being used to spy on the user. As this is not stated in the EULA many people consider this as a direct invasion of privacy. Do you think that companies who produce music such as Sony should be able to spy on users like this, is it neccessary for the protection of copyright?
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