Suitable Age For Girl To Marry

Marry - Marriege
March 9, 2007 8:56pm CST
I want to ask about your oppinion on our topic today. What do you think the ideal or suitable age for woman/girl to get their marriege. I think if 18 years old its too early right?? What about 40 years old. I think too late. So what is your oppinion about this topic?? Expecially girl.
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10 Mar 07
I don't think there is an ideal age to get married for either male or female. As we are all individuals what may be right for one person could be totally wrong for someone else of the same age, everyone matures at different rates, and of course some people just aren't suited to marriage at all.
• Malaysia
11 Mar 07
Yes, this is true, It depends at induvidual but what do you think about the grandmother get married with the boy that his age is 20 yeas old. It not look nice right?? Too young and too old. So, it not ideal