Who is your favourite character in SKINS??

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March 9, 2007 10:14pm CST
Hey you people might be sticking to the TV watching Channel 4's Most entertaing British Drama at present... yeah I am talking about SKINS... Why not we have a topic regarding that??With a wonderful performances by the artists in Skins, Who would you like to say the best and the worst according to your opinion.. this is just to have some fun talkig about something we are enjoying at present... wish i could get tremendous responce from the lovers of SKINS.. Cheers
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@rawsugar (29)
• Canada
8 Jun 09
My two favourite characters by farrr are Cassie and Chris! Everything about them just makes me fall in love with them, plus Chris is so sexy, and Cassie is amazingly gorgeous. But its just their personalities in the show that are so well done I've never wanted to be friends with TV show characters so much before
• United States
9 Nov 08
I have been in love (no, really, IN LOVE, like marry me, grow old with me, in love LOL) with Sid from about five minutes into the first episode. I actually have part of the episode where he's singing Cat Steven's Wild World as my main ringtone on my phone. I'm in the US so I'm just getting caught up (Thanks sooooooooo much BBC America, collectively you are my hero!) but it's one of my favorite shows now.
@galoforce (264)
10 Jan 08
my favourite character in skins would have to be nips as she is funny, strong minde and fit.
@silv3rcut (178)
12 May 07
First of all i would like to say that skins is brilliant. The best teenager show ever. they should make more of them. My favourite character is Sid. He just has a quiet dont care attitude and is somewhat cool. But also you need the main character or the sshow wouldnt be worth watching.
30 Mar 07
I love Cassie!! She's so ditzy and lovely! Aww! And I also like Sid, becuase he always gets in to trouble helping out his friends. I can't believe series 1 is over! Roll on series 2! xx
10 Mar 07
I would have to say that my favorite out of the bunch is Sid. He always gets into a lot of trouble. He helps his friends but he always gets the short side of the stick.