Ragging - Have you been a victim or initiator?

March 10, 2007 12:12am CST
Ragging is an old activity. Who knows when it first started? From simple teasing in schools to unofficial orientation at colleges, ragging has been the bane of all freshies. In the military, ragging is supposed to instil discipline, character building and esprit de corps. However, today, the raggers have gone too far fetched by horrendous methods. Many victims have been scarred these traumatic experiences. In colleges, it is no difference. There have been many reported cases of unwarranted ragging which have led to undesirable results or consequences. What do you understand about ragging and what is your view of it? Are you supportive or against it? Let us know.
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
10 Mar 07
in every way you look at it the act of it is an abnormal behaviour. it does not build your character , itmakes one feel inferior and the one hitting wants his victim to fear him. this is sadomasochism .
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• Malaysia
10 Mar 07
I studied in military institutions before. We had ragging and felt good about it. It is the attitude in us that makes the difference. Today, most kids are too pampered and sheltered. That's why they react negatively on either side of this issue.
• Singapore
10 Mar 07
Ragging is bad, real bad. If I had a choice, I wouldn't have involved myself with it. It started in the army for me where ragging carries a lot of weight. What can be more authoritative than military authority? Naturally most would start as victims, who then become the initiators.. and the cycle continues. This practice should be weeded out.