i have a really geaols cat pleas help me!!!

@yahooguy (508)
March 10, 2007 1:29am CST
i have a really geaols cat and doesnt let me stay and play with my other cat and always comes and fights with it till i runs and so she can stay with me only with me and doesn't let me stay or even give the other cat to eat she comes and eats her food and everything she does ... what can i do ??
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• United States
10 Mar 07
Well, for starters feed your cat away from the jealous cat. Put it in a seperate room or guard it while it eats. I'd take time out to play with boy cats individually everyday. Is this jealous cat an older cat? Is the other cat newer? It may be feeling replaced. I would try to incorporate some extra cuddling for the jealous cat, while not ignoring the one who gets beat up. Just make sure you put the cat whos not getting to eat somewhere where it can eat.. You might have to seperate them for a while or just let them fight it out. They will eventually deal with eachother.
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@yahooguy (508)
• Romania
10 Mar 07
well yes the jealous cat is older and it is a girl and the other cat is new and i found him on the street and he so good and loves the other cat and wants to play with her but the girl cat hats him and always wants to bet him