Goku vs Vegeta

March 10, 2007 1:45am CST
who is better goku or vegeta???? Who would win if they fight???
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• Philippines
26 Jul 08
Vegeta. Goku only wins because Kakarotto is in the side of good longer than Vegeta has. You will notice that when Vegeta sided with the good guys he became almost as invincible as Goku is. So taking into account battle experience and subtracting the element of good v.s. evil as well as the corresponding abilities obtained from that then Vegeta will definitely win over Kakarotto. Also if you look at their genes Vegeta has been bred from the best of the best of their race while Kakarotto was bred from a third class citizen of their race.
• India
3 Jun 08
Always Goku is five times ahead than Vegeta. But if Goku and Vegeta fight again then Vegeta will be the winner.
@lukuak (85)
• Argentina
10 May 08
goku in level 4 seiyan would easy defeat him , but when they join together as gogeta they re better
2 May 08
Defenetly goku.HE has a pure heart where as vegeta has a i.e not actualy an impure heart but cannot concentrate so goku will easily win.
• Australia
1 Apr 08
GOKU!!!! As he can ascend to SSJ3 by himself while Vegeta does not. Although he is just a third class warrior just like Turles, Radtiz, he changes his mind to save people from the earth and Universe. He eliminates all famous enemies such as Buu, Omega Sharon, Frizea, Cell and Baby. Vegeta, originally, is also an enemy of Goku but he forgives him before he leaves for Namek. As Goku discovers himself he is a Saiyan as well, he should forgive his prince who used to occupy planet Vegeta. Therefore Vegeta befriends with Goku in later episodes.