Whats your take on cheerleaders???

March 10, 2007 2:30am CST
I am a coach and I used to cheer. When i became a cheerleader, i did it reluctantly because i had this stereotype in my mind about what they were, and I figured i was nothing like them. After cheering for a couple years my mind has drastically changed! I now coach my little sister's team, and this year will be my fourth year as coach, I even have a first place trophy under my belt as a coach! I think cheerleading is great for girls because it teaches them discipline, teamwork, and determination! I would reccomend cheerleading for all young girls, but it should be kept as a fun thing, like a community squad rather than a highly competitive one. Our squad does not cut girls, and everyone in the age group is welcome! Does anyone have anything to add or any contradictions to my new cheer opinion??
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