stars near our username

March 10, 2007 3:10am CST
is there anyone can explain to me what are the meanings of those stars? why some stars here in mylot (near our username) sometimes blue, brown or yellow? and what those numbers means?
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@happylim (660)
• Malaysia
15 Mar 07
You have been rating a purple star with number 4 and it's a good sign for completing of 100 posts. Pls don't mind for sending you a late but warm congratulations for the achievement. If you continuing posting quality response or quality discussions in which you can gain rating + from members, your star's rating will grow up to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 together with the change of clours until the highest number 10 with a blue star. Wish you the best and happy in posting.
• Philippines
16 Mar 07
thanks... rated you +
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• Saudi Arabia
24 Mar 07
Its my sixth day as a member of mylot, I did not notice yet if I have star near my name. Anyway thanks for the information, I will work hard to achieve this blue star with a rating of ten.
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@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
10 Mar 07
The stars represents our reputation here on mylot, and it is based on what others rate us here. The star ratings are from 1 to 10, with 10 as the highest star rating that any member can attain. The colors are on how we can distinguish our ratings, with 10 -as blue, 9 -as red, 8 -for yellow and so on. As I have seen you have a star colored brown, which has a number three on it. And I think that you have a good start, and continue participating on other members' discussions. To improve your ratings, you should post or response with quality discussions and to which you think you can share your opinion.. Congratulations and happy posting!!
• Philippines
11 Mar 07
muchas gracias.. rated you a + :)
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@wildhorse (1293)
• Egypt
15 Mar 07
All the information people gave here is very useful, thank you all, it's my 2d day here and i'm still learning :) I hope soon i will get a nice star :)
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@rjdreyes (157)
• Japan
25 Mar 07
i can see your star pink and your rated 6.
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