what is customer service...explain.

March 10, 2007 3:56am CST
Coz, i want to try a call center career and i want to know your own point of view.
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@mschiqui (1284)
• Philippines
12 Mar 07
Just like the word itself customer service...services offered to all your customer.. servicing all customers w/ a smile and a good heart.
• United States
10 Mar 07
Girl, you do not want this position, this is what I do, while I wait on customer complaints, I play on the internet 3 nights a week. We use the Accu phone system that you must know at least 50 different commands. That's the easy part though, it's account information that's confusing. This is a answering service for all types of emergencies, someone has to be contacted asap. Requests for following business days. Complaints, help lines, and then we also have to fit that in with a Alarm systems going off and dispatching police, fire and keyholders to business' and residence's. Open/Close of convience stores that are in unsafe neighborhoods. But when it's slow it's slow and when it's busy you can't type fast enough. Start out in the night shift until you familiarize yourself with procedure. This is a 24/7 job for 2 people. With 3 shifts, and they never even let you get 40hrs. Start you out at minimum wage, until they think you can handle it. But it's better than physical labor and flippin burgers. Alot of plus's for night work too. No bosses around. People are very rude and talk loud and interupt you during the day too. The rewards are few and far between. Good Luck to you.............................................