Just need to sound off; I'm a bit mad at my friend...

@bonbon50 (659)
United States
March 10, 2007 7:50am CST
Weeks ago she mentioned something about going to one of her daughter's school events which I almost always try to attend. She'd forgotten what day it was on so I told her to just let me know when she found out. Her daughter is 8 and adores me, I have no children. Well, I got an e-mail from the little girl saying 'why wurnt you at school today'. Her mother hadn't called until yesterday morning! And then it was to leave a message on my cell phone which I didn't even check until the afternoon. (I had called her the night before but she didn't get back to me.) I e-mailed the little girl to say I didn't hear from her mother the night before and she replied 'but she called you in the morning'. I feel bad because this little girl is hurt and I hate to blame her mother to her in order to make myself look better. Because I work from home, my friend thinks I can drop everything to do or go wherever I want. She often waits until the last minute to invite me somewhere since she knows my schedule isn't 'structured'. Even if I had gotten her call in the morning, it wouldn't have given me time to do my hair and pick out some clothes without it being a hassle in order to make it to the school event. Her mother and I have been friends a long time but she is always waiting until the last minute to spring things on me. Like making 2 poodle skirts a day and a half before they're need; 2 weeks to make an afghan for a present, etc. I often chide her about 'giving me notice' about things but she seems to think I don't need it because I don't punch a time clock or something! I just needed to sound off, I know this is trivial but I feel bad that this girl is hurt when I would have been happy to attend the function if given proper notice.
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