March 10, 2007 7:54am CST
What is the different between "In Love" and "In A Relationship"? Can the person in a Relationship with someone she/he is not in Love? Leave your thoughts...
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• India
10 Mar 07
aah...really like your question??.. "in love" means you have made the committment that you will be his/her forever if its a true love and the person is saying that he/she is "in love".... "in realtionship" means you are still taking the time to understand that person and you are still "in realtionship" not in love.... i think i have clear your confusion.... if you are really "in a relationship' and you are thinking to be "in love" then consider a lot on this beacuse its easy to make a relation but its really very tough being with that relationship and if its love then think a lot because its really a pious relationship.... "LOVE IS GENTLE, LOVE IS KIND, LOVE IS THE ONLY PLACE IN THIS WORLD, WHERE PEOPLE LIVES COMBINE....."
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