How do you choose your friends in life?

Friendship - What does friendship mean to you? Is it just knowing lots of people, having many friends, or is it something much more deeper?
@cristi12 (378)
March 10, 2007 12:04pm CST
People say that not it dosen't matter how many friends you have, but whom do you choose as your friend, that really counts. I'm curious how do people make friends, on what basis do you choose one individual or another as your friend? And what does "friend" actually mean to you?To me, having a friend means having someone who I can trust. Who I can count on. I Don't have many friends, or at least not all of them are at the same level. Throughout my life I chose to consider as true friends only the persons who earned my trust, in some way or another. There isn't fixed method I choose my friends, for example I have neighbours and people whom I know since we were born, but that dosen't make them my friends... My true friends, I can count them on one palm, even less.:)
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