How Do You Decide Where To Board Your Pet Whilst You Are Away?

My Beloved Ginger Kitten. - This is my kitten.
His name is Wenham and he is just over 6 months old.
His hobbies are running around our field, chasing leaves and twigs and things and bringing them to me.
He also enjoys meeting other cats and frequently 'helps' me when i am cleaning catteries. Generally this is more hinderance than help, but he loves it so who am i to say no?
I think he is the best cat in the world, but my sister and her cat; not to mention every other cat owner in the world, would most likely disagree. (which i think is exactly as it should be!)
March 10, 2007 1:56pm CST
Hi, I run a boarding kennels and cattery on Orkney (off Scotland for those of you not lucky enough to know it), and i was really curious to know what people most want to see in a kennels/cattery when they decide to board their beloved family pets. I know from personal experience that it is horrible having to leave your animal; especially when it is likely to be for a long time, so i just wondered what everyone thought would make the whole process a little more bearable. Anyone who wants to make general comments on pets and the like is always welcome, cos i love hearing people talk about their pet (inevitably the greatest animal that has ever walked the face of the earth):) anyhoo, talk to me pet owners all the best ellie
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