Knowing what you look like...When wasted!

@DonBasyo (215)
March 10, 2007 2:32pm CST
When we choose to get wasted, we tend to feel easy and unaware of the things we tend to normally be concious about. In one of the many occassions I got drunk... Some of my friends took a picture of me then showed my the next morning when we got sober... I am like, "whatta fa... wat ish dat?" HAhahahahaha! So what do you like wasted?
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@VKXY62 (1606)
• Australia
17 Mar 07
Ahh, ha ha ha, that's a hilarious comparison. Sober and Drunk. Excellent pictures, and the expression on your face is classic, ha ha. I must try and remember to get a picture of me when I am in that condition, no doubt I will want to burn it when I see it in a sober state. I will come back and let you have a look, it's only fair. Beaut discussion DonBayso.
@DonBasyo (215)
• Philippines
17 Mar 07
I am very happy you liked the discussion... I will be waiting for your pics... :-)
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