Most Inspiring Person

March 10, 2007 4:15pm CST
Who do u think has been the most inspiring person of your life? mine is my love.
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31 Mar 07
As for as I am concerned the inspiring personolities in my life keep changing. As of now the old man who brings milk packets to our doors is most inspiring. You see i get milk packs at around 4.30 in the early morning and i see him going around in his bicycle till 8am. He is about 60 yrs of age and very hard working and that too with a smile. He is the most inspiring personality for me now a days. May be someone else will take up his position. I really could not think of anyone in particular who had changed my life forever and it has always been many people at different times fired me up to do what i want to do. Not only people but good books, a kind act etc did inspire me. Well, I was inspired by my wife too but can't really say that one is everlasting. Love is different and getting inspiration is different. The important fact is we should get inspired to do good things and we should also be an inspiration to others.
• India
30 Mar 07
all my family members are most inspiring to me in many ways
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
You'lll probably find it very boring but for me, its my dad and mom coz they both showed to the world how great they are coz they made everything through trials.. And they really inspire so many people by that.. My family is getting stronger not only because we're very close, but also because of my parents who's been always supportive for us and very transparent in everything! I love them both!
• India
18 Mar 07
well for me my dad has been most inspirig person for his never die attitude and the way he has come out of many a problems cos of his great attitude and to be honest not cos he is my dad but he is really a brilliant brian one out of a million atleast
11 Mar 07
for me its my elder brother,,,,,, i reallly do admire him,,as for his love n respect he offer to everyone,,,,whoever it may be,,,,,,,,, the responisble head he hold on his shoulders,,,,,the inquisitiveness to learn,,,,,,,,,,n everything....... i just follow him,,,,,,,,and his words n his appearance is too inspiring for me.
@quispy (572)
• United States
10 Mar 07
My father. He came from a very abusive family, but never hit or verbally abused us. He never even went to high school, but started his own company. He always had time for the kids and took us anywhere we wanted to go. My mom worked every other weekend, so every other Sat he took us somewhere. We had all week to go over the newspaper and the maps of New York, and we picked a place, and he took us, along with a friend each. He is an awesome guy.