im so annoyed

March 10, 2007 4:25pm CST
just got back from food shopping, and all the mother and baby spaces wwere used up, my waiting for one to become spare, i realised some of the people who came back to there cars didnt even have children. It makes me so mad, if people park in disabled spaces but dont hold a badge, they get fined for it, why cant this happen to inconsiderate shoppers who park in mother and baby spaces, they are there for a reason, so that parents can get access to there children without having to worry about opening doors too wide and hitting other cars parked near by
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@Stringbean (1273)
• United States
10 Mar 07
Hi Sarah, I never heard of mother and baby spaces before. We have handicapped parking where I live in Oregon, but no mother and baby spaces. What are the rules for it? How old can your children be and still use it? Do you have a parking sticker or something to indicate that you are entitled to use that zone? If not, maybe you should suggest it to the stores you shop at. It sounds like such spaces might be a good idea, but it would probably lead to other groups wanting their own space, too, like anyone over 65, or people on a lunch break that are in a hurry to get back to work, or even teen-age drivers who are more likely to hit the cars parked on both sides of them. I'm just kidding, but it could lead to some problems.