ewwww i feel fat after micky d's

@MKpack22 (307)
United States
March 10, 2007 8:17pm CST
even looking at their greasy fod makes me sick, anyone else feel that way?
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• Canada
22 Mar 07
Yep here
• United States
17 Mar 07
The only thing I ever get at mc donalds any more is their breakfast bagels, but that is hardly ever because I just don't fell right after eating it. I worked there for almost a year, and it's not that there is anything gross that goes on in the kitchen, its just after seeing all of the hamburgers day after day, they just arent appetizing anymore. The only thing that didnt gross me out after that long was the breakfast bagels and their french fries (they are addicting).
• United States
15 Mar 07
yeah, it can be disgusting and if you work there, it positively turns you green. Then if you work there, you can't afford to eat anywhere else. lol! I eat there about once a week and now that summer is here, that won't be happening so much. lol. I was taking the kiddo to the play place, thank goodness for spring!
• United States
13 Mar 07
I dont order burgers from there, only chicken and occasionally some fries. Once in a while, it is ok, but if you eat there too often, its nasty.
• United States
11 Mar 07
It depends. If I've eaten a lot of it lately, I find that I crave it. But if I go several weeks without eating it at all, I can't even think of eating it without my stomach getting into knots. It's very weird.
@ElicBxn (60895)
• United States
11 Mar 07
lol - actually the only thing I have eaten in years from there is some french fries (chips.) I just don't find that much on their menu I can eat!