Ron Santo and his promoting himself for the Hall of Fame

United States
March 10, 2007 9:15pm CST
I am interested in other people's perspectives regarding Ron Santo and his constant fascination and obsession with the Hall of Fame. Every year that he does not make it, he seems more dissappointed. I understand that it would be an honor, but it was an honor for him to walk out on the field for the many years he played baseball. I believe that his numbers probably stack up favorably against the numbers of his contemporaries, but for whatever reason, he just has not garnered enough support. Did has on the field antics alienate him from enough voters to preclude him from the Hall of Fame? Does his self promotion alienate voters who do not vote on him just because? Or is it just because there are already four other hall of famers from that team and for a team that choked as much as they did, they do not deserve another member?
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