What is your love language?

@bluegem (174)
Dominican Republic
March 10, 2007 11:11pm CST
People show love in different ways. It's very important to know your partners love language so that you can please him/her. Dr. Gary Chapman, the world reknown author, speaker and counsellor says that there are five main love languages: 1. Words of affirmation 2. Quality time 3. Receiving gifts 4. Acts of service 5. Physical touch Which one do you think is your primary love language? Explain why
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• India
11 Mar 07
Language of love is nothing but the understanding about your partner...full of love about each other...clarity in thoughts and in your behaveiour....Sacrifice for each other...I think this must be common language of love....
• China
11 Mar 07
It must be the 2\quality time.... It's apprent that if someone spend a lot of time chatting with you, having coffee with you, talking about life with you, playing games with you , even sitting by you when you're talking with others about boring things, love emerges......
@kurtbiewald (2628)
• United States
11 Mar 07
i would and do use all those things