what is more appropriate nowadays? living in or being married?

March 11, 2007 12:18am CST
what do you prefer living in without marriage or being married? what are the possible effects (good and bad) on the couple and to the child of course.
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@chavezrmc (5826)
• Philippines
11 Mar 07
Now a days there are lots who believe in living in because so many marriages had been broken. I may say if you are not so sure of yourself wether you love the man then better not marry. I believe that when marrying a person you are ready to take the consequences that will be happening in the near future. This is more of a contract that you can't say no coz its never ending. And this can be both difficult to both sides if you are not comfortable with each other as time goes by. I have nothing against marriage as long as you are mature enough to enter into this relationship coz it's not only a piece of paper to sign but its our whole at stake with this. So we have to think a thousand times before we get into it.
• United States
12 Dec 07
I do live with my S/O. We call ourselves husband and wife though we are not legally married nor do we plan to be anytime in the near future. In today's time, it's not considered a sin or taboo to do that. In fact, it actually helps a relationship grow and if it doesn't work out, at least you know before marraige and divorce. Marraige is a piece of paper. It is a legally binding contract that states you are stuck with someone until the ink on the divorce papers dry. Not for us. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.