White Teeth - Zadie Smith

@clintz15 (977)
March 11, 2007 1:30am CST
Major theme The story mixes pathos and humor, all the while illustrating the dilemmas of immigrants and second-generation immigrants as they are confronted by a new, and very different, society. The reader can determine certain qualities and negativities about different cultures while they are contrasted in a different culture. Middle- and working-class British cultures are also satirized through the characters of the Chalfens and Archie. This book also delves into the concepts of human relationship. Archie and Samad remain best friends despite the failed relationships of their families and culture. Magid and Millat, on the other hand, do not approve of each other's lives and never become cordial brothers. FutureMouse is a central character and plot motivator in White Teeth. FutureMouse’s life has been programmed and designed by Marcus Chalfen, but once born it escapes, seemingly to map out its own life. In this sense future mouse has a similar journey to other human characters in White Teeth, Magid, Millat and Irie. Overall a good read.
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