Coffee Cola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 11, 2007 5:56am CST
Idon'tknowwhyIeverhadthisbeforeITISBRILIIANT!!Twicethecaffeineofordinarycola.HEywaitasecondwhileIscratchmyleg.HEyIcantypestandingupwithonehandwhilesmoothingmyhairwiththeotherone.DIDImentionithadtwicethe caffeine? It tastes like mud, but is great for studying! You like it?
3 responses
@servlet (190)
• Poland
21 Mar 07
... but what r u talking about???
• United States
16 Mar 07
LMFAO!!! never tried it but my brother has.. and he had about the same reaction :)=) said it was good tho
@sahira (1072)
• Philippines
11 Mar 07
I can't read without spaces..joke!i know waht you mean,and yes i like coffee.